February 11, 2010

New BMI = 23.99

Things are moving much more slowly in the weight loss department now.  And I’m OK with that, after finding out a month ago that my body fat percent was 19%.

I hit this milestone last Saturday but I’m out of the habit of even looking to hit those weight loss milestones, anymore – I’m more focused on figuring out how to adjust my macronutrients and calories for burning carbs rather than stored fat (since there isn’t as much of it, anymore!  LOL).

I’ve noticed that when my average calories drop below 1500 I tend to get really strong cravings – much stronger than I’ve experienced over the past year.  And they’ve sometimes led to binges over the past month.  Grr.  So I’ve adjusted my calories up and added some apple, citrus, and wholegrain crackers back into my diet.

The next milestone will be in 1.2 lbs when I’ll have removed 55% of my original body weight.

I’m getting really close to my goal weight of 150 lbs.  This morning I was 152.4, which is within the 3 lbs above and below that I would like to use as my maintenance bracket.

I’ve been increasing my swimming distance, too.  Last night I swam a mile (32 laps in the metric pool).  The total swimming distance for the aquabike triathlon is 1.2 miles = 2000m (the equivalent of 40 laps in a metric pool).  I’d like to get to the point where I’m swimming that distance fairly regularly before it’s time to jump in the lake and practice in open water in a wetsuit, because I know those things will slow me down and add to the difficulty.

The training program I’m using will start on March 1.  Since I’m technically doing a duathlon (aquabike doesn’t include the running), I’ll substitute my regular exercise for the running bits.  My aim right now is to have a strong base fitness going into the start of the training program.


June 5, 2009

New BMI = 38.87

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Two milestones today (that’s 5 milestones in the past 4 days).

  1. My BMI is under 39
  2. My weight is under 250 for the first time ever.  Yes, you got that right.  I’m going to post the actual numbers here from now on.

Next milestone in 1.5 lbs when I’ll have removed another 5% net.  My last projection of when that would happen was for 6/24.  I believe I am ahead of even that schedule.  😮

Spinning was good last night.  Every time I go I’m better able to keep up.  Tonight I have a workout with the trainer at the Y.

Next swimming goal is to get 20 laps in before water aerobics.  That will be a kilometer.  (20 laps of 50 m each)

If I’d realized I only had to do 4 more laps to get there, I probably would have gone for it on Thursday.  But, while the pool is metric, the notice on the bulletin board is in imperial (“32 laps = 1 mile”).  Maybe it’s a good thing, since my shoulders are still a bit sore.

When I was in nearly peak physical condition in my 20s I used to swim a km 3x/week during lunch.  It took 40 minutes and I used to have to alternate between crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke and kicking in order to rest.  Recently I’ve just been alternating between crawl and backstroke and haven’t required rest laps.  My goggles haven’t arrived yet, but the lifeguards let me borrow some from the lost and found while I’m there, which is very convenient.  I don’t enjoy having chlorine eyes.  Never have.  So far no problem with swimmer’s ear, either, which is kind-of amazing.

The other thing I might want to try learning (again) is flip turns.  I never really got the hang of them, but I need to learn, I think.  Maybe next time I visit Rose she’ll teach me?

Laps  Distance

16      half mile (done!)

20     kilometer (next!)

24     three quarter mile (will have to work on my speed)

32     mile (ditto by a lot)

40    2 kilometers (ditto by a lot lot!)

June 4, 2009

New BMI = 39.16

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I just passed the 85 lb mark.  I have 100 left to lose.  I’ve done it once before, in my 20s.

Next milestone in 0.1 lbs when I see a new digit on the scale that I haven’t seen in YEARS.  When I hit that digit I will start posting my actual weight, because, screw it, that’s why.

Also, this is pretty cool: yesterday I managed to squeeze in HALF A MILE of swimming before water aerobics.  That’s 16 laps.

I would just like to say that at my maximum weight, half a mile was a lot to WALK (well, hobble, actually – given my knee), let alone swim…

Go me!  🙂

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