January 28, 2009

Back to the BMI chasing. Today=47.08

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After a really bad lapse where last fall I gained back up to almost the same weight where I started, I’ve pushed it back down again. Mostly through the help of the pre-gastric ulcer which acts up when 1) I overfill and 2) I eat at night.

The most recent bout on the evening of December 11 / morning of December 12 was so very painful and unpleasant that something clicked in my head and I realized that I would rather be hungry than feel like that ever again. EVER again. Even though this has been going on sporadically for years, the most recent memory of the pain and the vomiting has stuck with me long enough that I have maintained a healthy fear of overeating for over 6 weeks, and as a result am finding out what it feels like to be hungry, how to manage my blood sugar, what being full feels like, how long I need to wait in order to even know if I’m full, etc. In effect, I’ve got the same symptoms as a friend at work who had her stomach stapled, but without the cost and associated issues of elective surgery.

People have asked why I don’t go to the doctor about this. I have two reasons, and I think they’re sound. First, the problem only happens when I overeat at night (i.e. it hasn’t happened since 12/11), and second, this is the first thing ever that has worked that hasn’t involved obsessive calorie-counting (i.e. using WW points, etc.). And I’m sorry, but while obsessive calorie-counting does in the short term help with managing my eating, it does NOT work in the long term because it presents significant quality of life issues. There is an inherent psychological problem with focusing on NOT doing something that I’ve never been able to overcome. So I’ll take the ulcer memory and use it. Consider it my disulfiram.

All the years of calorie-counting have given me the tools to eat in a healthy way, and I’m doing that, but just without counting anything. Oatmeal for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch, etc. Just less of it and not overfilling. And not eating at night. If I’m bored I can clean the bathroom or organize the garage, for Pete’s sake.

Also I’m back with the H2O aerobics, and will hopefully start working out in the basement soon as well. (As soon as the rest of the bamboo planks have been distributed to the rest of the house for acclimation.)

Stay tuned.

P.S.  This may have helped, too:


(internally synthesized, of course)


January 7, 2009

Bamboo – Phase II

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The bamboo arrived late on Monday, and for the past two days “Bob” has been unpacking and sorting it by hue and grain. That’s 42 boxes of 12 planks each. Whew!


It turns out that the stair nose they sent is too dark to match any of the planks, so we’re arranging a swap with the supplier.

The furnace guys are coming tomorrow to install a humidistat on the furnace so that the floor will have a more consistent environment to live in.

The planks will be sorted into square footage categories, the transition pieces counted, and then all the “lumber” (can you call grass a “lumber”?) will be stacked around the house in the rooms it will go into, to acclimate for a week. The plan is to have the lightest planks in the narrow hallway in the center of the house, and the darkest planks in the living room which gets a lot of light. All the hues and textures will be blended into each other gradually using the “transition” pieces that have a little of each.

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