July 31, 2009

New BMI = 34.39

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Hit a couple of milestones today.

  1. Removed 70 lbs since joining Spark People on March 9
  2. Removed more than 115 lbs total
  3. Got under 220

Next milestone in 1.5 lbs when I’ll have gotten rid of 35% of my original weight…

Progress photos, here.


July 26, 2009

New BMI = 34.86

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Aha!  I made it!  Under budget and under schedule!  LOL.

Another 5% net G.O.N.E.  (I’d projected July 27 to hit it.)

And now I’m officially halfway in terms of effort.  Eight 5% net milestones behind me, eight to go…

If you had told me last December that before the end of July I would remove 113 lbs and try whitewater kayaking, I would have laughed at you.  Not WITH you, but AT you.


By the way, that’s also another fun milestone.  My personal trainer is 112 lbs.  This means I’ve now officially lost an ENTIRE PERSONAL TRAINER in weight.  When I started I was using cats (10 lbs) as units of weight.  🙂  I’ve removed over 11 cats.  (I love the image of 11 cats strapped all over my body.  A big furry, HEAVY, wriggling, complaining mass.  LOL.  Much less interesting to imagine my trainer just sitting on my back, piggyback style!)

The difference is that she’s probably 95% fat free, while the weight I removed is probably 95% fat.  Hehe.

Whitewater kayaking

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Was intrigued with the idea of trying moving water.  Went to a whitewater park at a spillway in Rochester today with my summer intern and a friend of his.   It was loads of fun.


More pictures and even some videos, here.

July 24, 2009

New BMI = 34.99

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Woo-Hoo!  As of this morning I have a BMI under 35.  That puts me into “class I obesity.”  Next BMI stop: “overweight.”

🙂  🙂  🙂

I now have 0.76 lbs to remove in order to hit my next 5% net mark.  Which I’d projected to meet on July 27.  I think I can make it, if I stay within reasonable calories per day.

These 5% net marks break the mass removal into roughly equal chunks, difficulty-wise.  I have met 7 of them.  This will be number 8.  There are 8 remaining.  This means that soon I will have reached the halfway mark in terms of actual effort on this mass reduction project.  Which is kind of stunning, because it means the End is Finally starting to come into Sight.

July 23, 2009

New BMI = 35.02

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I have now removed one third of my starting body weight (33.33%)

Next milestone in 0.2 lbs when I’ll move into Class I Obesity.  The next category lower than Class I Obesity is “Overweight.”  I can’t wait until I’m no longer “obese.”

In one more full pound I will have removed another 5% net.  The projection is that will happen around July 27.  I wonder if I will get there on time?  I think I can lose a pound in four days…  Or sooner.

July 19, 2009

Kayaking 9.75 miles on Lamoka Lake

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Today was my friend Ron’s birthday, so we had tea at Suzanne’s restaurant to celebrate

tea blowout

and then went kayaking on Lamoka Lake.


In the end it turned out that we paddled about 9 and 3/4 miles.  Which is more than I’ve ever gone in a yak, either by arms alone, or with my legs using the Hobie.

July 17, 2009

New Contractor – I hope.

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Interviewed a new contractor last night about finishing the job.  He comes recommended as a long-time personal and professional acquaintance of some people at work.

He says he will fix the siding in the next 2 weeks, but the interior stuff will have to wait until September.  This is understandable, and I appreciate it.

The other thing I appreciate is that he apparently knows “Bob.”  His comment was, “Yeah, he’s not all there.”  Which just about sums it up.  And meant I didn’t need to spend much time explaining why I’d fired someone who was almost done.  The planks we have aren’t enough to cover the floor of the remaining room so I need to order at least 2 more boxes in addition to the stair nose.

So now I can focus on getting my new blinds and dealing with the weeds in my garden and taking care of the things I can control.

July 13, 2009

New BMI = 35.33

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This morning I hit the 110-lbs off mark.

Next milestone in 1.87 lbs when I’ll have removed exactly one-third of my starting mass.  Next milestone after that in 2.2 lbs when I’ll drop down into Class I obesity.

Can’t wait until I’m “overweight.”  hehe.

Went out to lunch today to celebrate being done with the flaky contractor.  I really like the Greek salad with tuna at Parker’s.  I usually add chipotle Tabasco.  This time I think I might have added a bit too much because it was quite hot.

Also, I won the weigh-in at work today for the 4th straight week.  I’m now up $15.  Who knew losing weight would be so lucrative?  hehe.

Forgot to mention that the hand-me-down jeans I’ve been wearing are already too big so I had to move down into the size 20 pair.  There’s only one of them, so I’d better be able to wear the 18s soon – it’s tough only having one pair of pants!  😯

July 12, 2009

Yak expeditions

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My neighbor Ron and I took our kayaks to the link that connects Cayuga Lake to the Erie Canal.  It’s near a bird refuge and we paddled around there for an hour and a half.

Cruise 1 (3.3 miles)
209 cal
1:30:14 min
79 bpm avg
110 bpm max
60% fat cal


Then he had to get back to have dinner with some neighbors and I took my kayak alone for half an hour on seneca lake which had pretty lively waves due to the wind.  It was challenging and sometimes the waves broke into the boat, but it was fun all the same.

Cruise 2
(1.65 miles)
108 cal
29:22 min
93 bpm avg
120 bpm max
60% fat cal

I was pleased to see that the straps I’d bought yesterday worked well and transporting both boats was successful after we worked out some of the kinks.  It’s neat to have a rack and be able to drive these boats to other places for exploring.  You know, once you pay the initial $$, kayaking is actually a pretty inexpensive hobby…


Interviewing new Contractors

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“Bob” has been increasingly flaky about working over the past few months – his personal life spiraled out of control to the point that he is unable to finish the job.

And there have been other problems, too.  The stair nose that we went to so much trouble to match was accidentally taken to the dump at some point by his incompetent stepson that he hired.  This is the same kid who let my cats out of the house, is generally lazy and cannot follow instructions – and whom he said he wouldn’t hire again.  But he did, and the result is no stair nose.  His wife (with whom he has been separated on and off throughout the process) went through his cell phone and collected the numbers and was calling me and hanging up at 2am, and finally actually spoke to me and rudely demanded to know who I was without identifying herself. (She’s also been calling the friend that referred him to me and followed another client until she left the store who made the mistake of having said hello to him.)

He was almost done.  There is one room left to glue the floor down in.  The siding outside the additional windows needs to be patched up.  Touch-up painting needs to be done.  And the stairs need to be finished.  Hardware needs to be put on the new closet doors (for the closets that have them).  Hardware needs to be put on the pocket door.  Etc etc.  And so I am interviewing new contractors to find someone to finish.

It is awkward, because he still needs to come get his tools – he says he can’t come himself because his insurance has lapsed on his truck again (for the nth time in 3 years – and in NY that means they’ll suspend his registration for as long as the insurance was lapsed, and if it goes for 90+ days, he will also have his driver’s license suspended)  so we have to arrange to do it when he can have a friend bring him down here to get them.  Now that I have the yak rack I’m tempted to strap the ladders to my car and stick the tools in and deliver them to him just so I won’t have to wait around wondering if/when he’s showing up.

And it’s awkward showing new contractors the site because I can see in their eyes they’re concerned I’m a wacko for firing someone so close to finishing, who clearly did careful, good work.  I am thus in the doubly awkward position of explaining that I let him linger for more than 7 months on a job that should have taken three months and that he’s unable to finish due to personal reasons.

And it’s painful seeing someone I’d come to know fairly well and trust and who in the past had a stunning work ethic go into a bad personal and professional decline.  I tried every motivational tactic I could come up with and nothing managed to get him to stick to the job.  He actually admitted a couple months ago that he was reluctant to finish.  For the past few weeks he worked only 2-3 days per week, and some of those days less than 4 hours.  The number of hours I’ve been billed lately seemed kind of high for the amount of work that appeared to be done when I’d get home from work.  He has said he’s coming and not done so, he has said he’d call to meet and go over the books to and get a check for supplies and not followed through – over and over in different ways saying something and then not doing it.  And the explanations were flimsy.

I was paying him hourly so that he wouldn’t run out of money at the end of the job.  That wasn’t the problem.  In our conversation(s) on Friday he cried on the phone and told me that he really really really wants to kill his wife, he hates her so much.  That he can’t cope with the pressures and demands of his wife’s extended family and his complicated personal life and the multiple jobs he has been trying to secretly juggle.   He was actually relieved that I fired him, although he was sad because he has put a lot of himself into my house.  Twice he actually said he “needed” me to fire him.

And when I met him to retrieve my missing speaker wire, extension cord, curtain rods, railing and house key, he told me he can’t get off the drugs (?!) – which explains a lot about his strange decline over the past few months.  So it’s a very sad, sad, story.  And I’m sorry to have witnessed it.  I hope and pray that he gets his life back together before the authorities catch up with him.  I really do not want to read about him in the newspaper.

In the meantime, I suppose I’m grateful that the economy is so bad, because other contractors are at least returning my calls and coming out and looking at the site.  None of them sound thrilled about the prospect of the job and I don’t blame them.  But it needs to be done and hopefully I can find someone who will do it.

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