March 12, 2010

New BMI = 23.65

One more milestone hit today.  They’re coming more slowly, now.

My current weight by the scale is 151 lbs, which is exactly one pound over goal weight.  Woot!

I have officially lost 55% of my starting weight.  That is more than every contestant on Biggest Loser except Danny who won Season 8 by losing 55.58% of his starting weight as of this past December.

By the time I’m done I will likely exceed his loss, because in order to get my average weight to 150 I will have to drop below that and bounce around between 145 and 155.  55.58% of my starting weight is 149.07 lbs.   And 145 would be 56.79% of my starting weight.

The kayak rolling is coming along fairly nicely.  3 more pool sessions left.  I’m working on the flatwater drills suggested in the Bombproof Roll book.  Video here.

Last night I did two spinning classes with a weight lifting session in between to see if I could.  I could.

Total calorie burn from exercise = 452 + 116 + 535 = 1103.

The second spinning class was a lot of work – my muscles were telling me about it and I was sweating so hard it felt like I was under water. But I did it, and burned over 500 calories according to the HR monitor, so it’s good.  And I need to start doing endurance things to get myself used to going for as long as that triathlon in July is going to take…



  1. 1 pound to goal…but look at that BMI! Plus I know your secret density means you are considered an athlete.
    Think back a year and have a really big glowing smile for me 🙂

    My weight loss journey continues..although I have had a 3 month hiccup due to a relapse my pelvis moving. But no weight gain at all…and even a tiny bit down 🙂
    Hope to join you in the coming months in the world of normal weight! Keep posting.


    Comment by seelieness — March 15, 2010 @ 8:16 am | Reply

  2. So is the bombproof roll used against terrorists?

    Huge congrats to your awesome BMI and being 16 oz from your goal, though given how dense your bones are, think you’re already there!

    Comment by Kathie — March 15, 2010 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

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