December 23, 2009

New BMI = 24.97

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Do you see that?!  Do you see the number up there????

Did you NOTICE?!  It’s UNDER 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m at a “healthy” BMI!  Woo-hoo!

And Amazon says they can get me my SwiMP3 player TOMORROW.  In time for Christmas!!!  In time to USE it on Saturday!!!

Happy little “normal” BMI dance…

P.S.  The other milestone I hit this morning is that my weight is now under 160.  Yay.  But not as exciting as my SHINY NEW BMI!

P.P.S.  I was so excited about getting my BMI under 25 that I forgot to mention the next milestone coming up:  in 3.8 lbs I will have removed 180 total…

December 21, 2009

New BMI = 25.06

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OK, as of this morning I’ve lost 175 lbs.

In one half of a pound (0.5 lbs) I will be at a “healthy” BMI under 25…

And in one tenth of a pound (0.1 lbs) my weight will go under 160.

In the past week I’ve seen that SwiMP3 player on Amazon go from $135 to $119 to $115 and last night it’s back up to $135.  😐

Grr.  Oh well.  The BMI is more important.  If I can get rid of just half a pound more, it’ll be a Very Merry Christmas, indeed!

December 20, 2009

Countdown to a “healthy” BMI: 1.7 to go!

Not another milestone…  YET.  Next one in 0.6 lbs when I’ll have removed 175 lbs total.

But as of this morning, 1.7 lbs left to remove until my BMI is under 25, in the “healthy” range.

I did get a new gadget to help me stay on track, though.

Every time I go away from my routine, my computer, and my scale, I seem to gain weight.  Last weekend I went to see Kathie in Alexandria, VA and came back 3 lbs heavier.  It set back my progress for a week.

So, knowing I have another trip coming up in January, I decided to do something about this.  Clearly just keeping a log on paper isn’t sufficient for keeping myself on track.  I need something that will give me a running total of how much I’ve eaten and how much I have left to eat for the day, and it needs to be small, and work offline.  I also need to plan on packing my bathroom scale into my carry-on.  LOL

Enter the iPod Touch with Lean Me Pro installed.  Yesterday I started logging my food on it instead of Spark People.  I found out that if the food needs to be entered you need to either do it ahead of time or make the time to do it right then, because I did not do that and went over my usual calories by 500.

Today I’ve been doing better at it, and the running records are up to date.  562 cal left to eat.  🙂

I’ve also put True Weight on there, which calculates a weighted moving average, Hacker’s Diet style.  I’ll probably still continue logging my weight over at physicsdiet, just ‘cuz it’s fun to see my ID at the top of the leader board.  hehe.

And I’ve already used it for other things – calculating the tip & split for dinner last night, caching a sermon from our minister who wasn’t scheduled to come (he comes 1-2 Sundays a month and is the full-time Episcopal chaplain at Cornell) so I could read it in church today.

It’s turning out to be a Very Useful Gadget, and cost about $200 total.  I was quite impressed with how FAST it came.  I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon with custom engraving on it “From Fatass to Badass.  Never ever, EVER give up!” and it arrived by noon on Friday.  From Shanghai, according to the Fed Ex manifest.

December 11, 2009

Countdown to a “healthy” BMI: 2.3 to go!

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Not another milestone…  YET.  Next one in 1.2 lbs when I’ll have removed 175 lbs total.

But as of this morning, 2.3 lbs left to remove until my BMI is under 25, in the “healthy” range.

I have a fun reward planned – an underwater MP3 player that conducts sound through my cheekbones.  (I’m going to have to put in a lot of pool time to train for those 1.2 miles I’ll be swimming in July…)

Now, if I can just manage to drop these pounds soon, I might even be able to get it for CHRISTMAS!!!

At the very least I’m hoping for a shiny new BMI for Christmas…  LOL

December 6, 2009

New BMI = 25.62

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I have removed another 5% net.

In 16 days.  😯  The fastest I’ve ever done it was in 14 days on September 9.

Buffs take so long to arrive that I just ordered about 4 of them 3 weeks ago and am picking one out of the pile every time I reach another 5% net.  I think today I’ll take the Taipei one out.  I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t as bright as the picture (the colors are a lot more muted and faded-looking), but it’ll go with all of my exercise gear, which is cool.

About these 5% net intervals.  I’ve got one more at 152 before I reach my official goal weight of 150.  There’s another one just below that at 147.7; since I’m going to use to tell me when I’m officially at 150, that means I’ll actually have to drop BELOW that before stabilizing.

So most likely I have two more to go.  I’ve done 14 since last December.  My projection says the next one will come on New Year’s Day.  It also says that by then I’ll have been at a “normal” (i.e. healthy) BMI for a couple of days.  What a great Christmas present THAT would be, huh?!

Next milestone in 3 lbs when I’ll have removed 175 lbs.

December 4, 2009

New BMI = 25.84

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TWO milestones today!

  • The BMI has dropped below 26.  When it gets under 25 I’ll officially no longer be “overweight”!  (In 5.5 lbs from now)
  • I have lost over 170 lbs.

Next milestone in 1.3 lbs when I’ll have removed another net 5%.   The projection is that I’ll get there sometime around Dec 17.  We’ll see…

Goal weight is 150.  That is in 15 lbs from now.  I’m so close I can almost taste it.

December 1, 2009

Countdown to a “healthy” BMI: 7.5 to go!

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Nope.  I haven’t reached another milestone yet.  The next one is in 1.1 lbs when the BMI drops below 26.

But, seeing as I’m so close to the threshold of a “normal” BMI, and since that was my stated goal way back in May of 2007, it seems appropriate to start posting more frequently as I get closer to that.

Plus, knowing I’ll be posting my progress here will help me keep focused during the holidays.

Geez.  Dare I hope I’ll get there by January 1?  What an awesome way to start the New Year THAT would be, huh?

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