October 31, 2009

New BMI = 28.29

As of this morning I have removed 155 lbs.  30 more to go, total.  I have now removed MORE weight than I plan on actually BEING when I’m done.

0.7 to go before I get into the 170s.

Gotta scoot – have arranged for my friend Linda to record me rolling in the lake a few times, then zoom back home to drop off the boat, then zoom up to Geneva and guest-teach a water aerobics class at the Y, then zoom home and change and go on a white deer tour with Linda and our neighbor Mary Anne, then zoom home and hand out pencils and erasers and stickers and other Halloween-appropriate non-edibles…

Stay tuned for the rolling video!



October 26, 2009

Rolling on TWO sides, now!

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This weekend was great for kayaking “woo-hoo” moments. day

On Saturday I joined the IKC at the Cayuga Lake inlet for a rally supporting the 350ppm CO2 movement.  While there I managed to attempt (and nail) a right-handed roll in my Kestrel.  (In the picture I’m the one in the orange boat facing away from the camera.)

This is significant because the Kestrel is considerably wider than the whitewater play boats I’ve been learning to roll in, and much more stable.  This in theory makes it harder to roll.  It is also significant because the Kestrel is MY boat, and I use it on the lakes, and now that I have a dry top and neoprene for my hands and head, this means I can extend my season considerably because if I get knocked over I’ll be able to come back up without getting out of the boat (and getting cold).

On Sunday I attended the first of two COE rolling sessions in the pool.  We spent a couple of hours doing drills and practicing elements of a roll without actually rolling.  By the time we got around to rolling, I had a pretty solid off-side (left-handed) roll going, right out of the box.  You can see both rolls, here.

In the pool I chose to use the biggest boat they had, the same Dagger RPM Max that I’d used on the Middle Moose back in September.  It’s enormously wide and notoriously hard to roll, and the foot pegs were still adjusted for my legs from when I’d used it last month in the river.  I figured if I could roll in that, then I could probably roll in anything, including my Kestrel.

And in fact, the Dagger feels a lot like my Kestrel – they both take a lot of effort to flip upside down – sometimes I found myself sculling with my hands to actually get the Dagger over –  and both take a few fractions of seconds to settle.  All the Jackson WW boats I’ve been in (Fun2, Fun4, SuperFun, AllStar) roll over like little logs – probably reflecting the fact that they’re designed to be play boats, not displacement-based river runners.

P.S. My current favorite tea is Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry. I THINK it’s the flavor, but now, looking at the box, I wonder if the fact that the berries are going down some nice-looking rapids has anything to do with it? LOL

October 23, 2009

New BMI = 28.38

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Two milestones today:

  • I’ve removed 110 lbs since starting to log my food at Spark People on March 9
  • I’ve removed another 5% net (12 down, 3 or 4 to go…)

Next milestone in 0.6 lbs when I’ll have removed 155 from my starting weight.

Lots of fun things happening.  Neoprene & dry top arrived last night and they fit, so I can now try rolling in the cold cold lake water.  Rolling seminar in Ithaca on Sunday night.  Seeing friends.  Working out.  Other things in the works that I’ll mention once they’re settled…

October 14, 2009

New BMI = 28.76

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Well, I got to the next milestone.  I’ve lost 45% of my starting weight.

Next milestone in 1.6 lbs when I’ll have removed 110 since joining SparkPeople in March.

The next milestone after that in 2.3 lbs when I’ll have removed another 5% net, and I can order two more BUFFs, (for the last two 5% net intervals).  I’ve already picked out the patterns I want (Boscatge and Harbour ) – hope they don’t sell out before I get there!   My projection is that I’ll get there on Nov 3.  We’ll see.

After that I’ll have 3 more 5% net intervals to go before I hit goal weight.  I’ve done 11 of them so far.

October 13, 2009

New BMI = 28.94

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Two milestones this morning.

  • I’ve removed 150 lbs.  Now I’ve officially removed exactly as much as I want to weigh when I reach my goal weight.  I’ve removed a whole future ME!  lol
  • My BMI has dropped below 29.  When it gets below 25, I’ll be at the “normal” BMI (which I think ought to be renamed “healthy” BMI, ‘cuz at “overweight” right now, I look pretty average for someone from the US…)

Next milestone in 0.2 lbs when I’ll have removed 45% of my starting weight – getting close to having removed half of myself…

October 4, 2009

WW Yakking on the Middle Moose (Class III)

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Water level pretty low on Saturday (3.5 ft).  Did it in a big ole Dagger that I hated ‘cuz it was a biyatch to maneuver.  But it was very buoyant and stable and I never flipped or swam.  Out of the 6 of us students, 1 other made it through without getting wet.  1 made it with a single combat roll.  Two swam multiple times, and one swam so many times and got beat up so bad he walked the rest of the way out.

He opted not to paddle on Sunday – one of his fingers was so bruised and swollen I suspect it may be broken.  He also cut his lip on his boat, which bled alarmingly spectacularly.  He was the oldest student (and person) on the trip (56).  I was the second-oldest (43).

We saw a Fisher during one of the calm sections of river.  It came down the bank to get a better look at us.  That was very cool.  It was much more curious than afraid – so much so I wondered at first if it were rabid.  But the instructor from NH said he thought it just wasn’t used to seeing people.  He speculated that it was sizing him up to decide whether or not to eat him.  🙂

Higher on Sunday (4 ft).  Tried it in a 4Fun – the boat vacated by the guy who got beat up on Saturday.  Yikes.  Much more challenging.  But also much more maneuverable. Most everyone else was coming out of their boats too, and it was so bad by the time we passed House Rock, that the instructors said we were done for the day and we carried the boats up to the road.  (One student lost a paddle that we never recovered, and only one didn’t swim at all).  I swam half of House Rock after getting stuck in a nasty narrow hole that flipped me as I was exiting it.  I was the first one to go down, and I think seeing me bouncing around like a rag doll between big rocks freaked out the instructors because after that they positioned themselves with ropes to catch the rest of us as we washed down outside our boats.  😛

And then the two creek-boating instructors did the dam at Fowlersville, which is just plain sick (IV+).

The playboating instructor decided to give it a pass, and I don’t blame him.

Overall fun and I am DEFINITELY interested in doing more stuff like that!  What a rush.  My HR monitor registered over 190 bpm at times, both days.  Apparently I burned over 800 calories in 3 hours on Saturday.  That’s what I call an efficient cardio workout.

At the private debriefings tonight the instructors told me my enthusiasm is great, but maybe I should dial it back a little, since I don’t seem to have enough fear instinct to keep me from wanting to do things that are above my level.  (Are we surprised?  Um, no.  But point taken!)

October 2, 2009

New BMI = 29.70

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Sometimes these milestones are clumped together, so I hit them rapidly and sometimes multiples at once…

  • Yesterday the BMI dropped below 30, putting me in the “overweight” category rather than “obese.” (I’ll be in “overweight” until the BMI goes below 25, after 30.1 more lbs, at which point I’ll hit “normal.”)


  • Another 5% net removed (11 down, 4 to go)
  • I’ve lost over 145 lbs
  • My weight is under 190 for the first time

Next milestone in 4 lbs when I’ll have removed 150 lbs.  At that point I’ll have removed as much weight as I want to BE when I’m finished…  😯

I’m not quite at the point yet of having lost half myself.  That’ll be in 21.8 lbs from now.

October 1, 2009

New BMI = 29.95

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Next milestone in 0.3 lbs when I’ll have lost another 5% net.  Next one after that in 0.6 lbs when I’ll have removed 145 lbs total.

“Normal” BMI when the number drops below 25.  I’m not sure I ever thought I ‘d even get HERE, let alone THERE, especially considering I started at super morbidly obese at a BMI over 52 in December…


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