June 27, 2009

New BMI = 36.90

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Very Happy Milestone this morning.

I have removed 100 lbs!

Also, the BMI is now under 37.

Next milestone in 0.7 lbs when I will have removed 30% of my starting weight.

So in the end, my Reward Kayak ended up helping me get to the goal that made me deserve it in the first place.  I LURVE my new kayak.  Not only is it pretty and functional, but it ALREADY helped me lose weight!  🙂


June 26, 2009

New Yak

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Well, I went today to test kayaks and buy a new heavy-duty cart for the Outback – the current cart just can’t handle the trips down and up the hill to the water and back.  I also got a rack put on my car.

They had 32-lb kevlar kayaks.  Which handle up to 300 lbs capacity.  Which I am now well under.  So…

I got one!


I also got a PFD, and a paddle at the same time.  I don’t even want to THINK about how much $$ I spent.  The good news is that this yak is so light I can lift it onto my car by myself and carry it easily.  So I’ll be able to just carry it on my shoulders 0.7 miles down the hill to the water in the evenings after work and just GO, without it being a big production.

My summer MS student came along and while they were installing the rack we went on a nice 3-hour paddle (from points 3 to 6) down some moving water and some flat water.  I ended up christening the boat by falling out pretty soon after putting in.  But after that got better at avoiding the slipstreams of rocks, etc.  This is definitely a lake boat.  It tracks great, but isn’t so maneuverable in a creek.

The picture above is from Ron, who obligingly went out for an hour with me in the evening when I got home.  We paddled down to the state park beach, swapped kayaks so he could try the new one, and then paddled home in each other’s boat.  Then I swam and he went home to change and brought back wine and we sat on the shore and gossiped about our neighbors and solved the world’s problems until both the sun AND moon set.  It was beautiful out.  A really good way to end the week.  🙂


June 25, 2009

People amaze me. (Have I turned into a food Nazi?)

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There’s a guy in my water aerobics class.  This fact, by itself, is commendable because he must feel isolated at times because at the moment he’s the only one.  He comes with his significant other, who is supposedly a retired(?) nurse.

He recently underwent bariatric surgery in January.  As of yesterday he’d lost 97 lbs (down from 400).  I’d lost 97.6 (down from 335.6).  So we’re in roughly comparable situations and we compare notes.

A few weeks ago when we first started chatting about long-term weight loss, he told me he’s losing weight so fast that he’s losing muscle too, and feeling weaker.  I asked how many grams of protein he’s eating per day?  He didn’t know.  He pointed to the SO and said, “she’s in charge of that.”  So later I asked her when they were together.  She said, “he eats protein at every meal.”  But how MUCH protein on average, per day?  She didn’t know, either.  I told him that he should probably look it up, and at minimum be getting 100g per day.

His weight loss has been slowing down in the past few weeks, to the point that I’ve caught up to him.  Yesterday I found out why.

While waiting for them to open the pool and class to start we were chatting and he divulged that he’s started being able to eat more lately, which he took as a sign that he’s recovering well from the surgery.  The item that he said he’d eaten?  A whole grilled cheese sandwich.  GRILLED CHEESE?  Did he mean broiled, or fried in butter?  He didn’t know.  The SO who probably served it to him was sitting on the other side of me and didn’t speak up.  “GRILLED CHEESE?!” I said.  “That is NOT a good food choice.  It is almost pure carbs and fat.  And if it was fried, it’s even worse.”

“They told me cheese is good,” he said.

“Cheese is loaded with fat.  If you want protein, go for lean poultry breast or a lean fish like hake, cod, or tilapia.”

“I love tilapia!,” another woman waiting with us said.

“Dude,” I said. “This is not what I want to be hearing.  I do not want to be hearing that you are now eating grilled cheese sandwiches.  After all the hard work and effort you’ve put into getting to this point, it will make me cry to hear you are eating things like that.  I love cheese.  But the only kind I’ve found that is OK is the Weight Watcher’s string cheese and the WW cheddar pieces.  They have the least fat and salt compared with the amount of protein.  But I can only eat them sparingly.”

“String cheese is good for snacks,” he said.

“Not just any string cheese.  You have to read the labels.  Weight watcher’s is the only kind I have.  And I do like it.”

Then they opened the doors.

About 220,000 people supposedly had bariatric surgery in 2008.  The number probably went up this year.  The more people having these surgeries, the more sloppy the places that do them are going to be.  And I’m sorry, but a place must be very sloppy indeed if they don’t educate their patients about nutrition.  I mean, COME ON.  This is INTERNAL elective SURGERY.  These people can’t put more than something like a tablespoon of food in their stomachs at a time, and they aren’t told that they need protein, and that eating whole grilled cheese sandwiches isn’t something to be proud of?  Or if they are told, they don’t pay attention?

Yikes.  I see a massive problem coming with the explosion of these procedures.  I mean, do we really know the long, long term effects of them?  Not with so many people.  And without proper coaching, nutritional education, and permanent lifestyle changes, how are they going to maintain their fitness?

Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s fantastic that this guy has lost 100 lbs and that he’s in my water exercise class.  That is commendable.  However, having made similar strides without surgery or drugs, I can say for a fact that the nutrition is a key part of the process, if not the most important factor.  And without it he will fail, which I would hate to see.

June 22, 2009

New BMI = 37.49

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Two milestones today:

  1. I’ve removed over 95 lbs – heading down the home stretch toward 100 off
  2. The scale number now starts with “23,” which it hasn’t in years

Next milestone in 3.7 when the BMI will drop below 37.

Yesterday my neighbor Ron and I kayaked 8.14 miles round trip down the lake along the state park and back.  It was beautiful!  I pedaled most of the way because it was choppy and I couldn’t keep up, paddling.   I could pass him easily pedaling.  (probably due to all the spinning I’ve been doing)

We had so much fun we’re planning to build up to longer treks, possibly even a one-way trip to Watkins Glen at the end of the summer (25 miles).

June 19, 2009

Glass Connections

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Picture 005

I’ve been following Jane Dorner’s blog about glass art for about four years, pretty much since I started blowing.  Last week she was in Corning for the Glass Art Society conference and we met up on Sunday at a gallery showing her work.  It was great to finally meet her in person.  We also hit a few wineries, had a lovely dinner at Suzanne’s, and the next morning tried some hard cider on the way to Ithaca for her bus ride to Manhattan.

House Progress (?)

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Due to popular demand I am posting current photos of my house.  The contracting seems to have slowed down for a number of reasons, one of which is that the contractor got pretty sick and was out for 4+ days in the last 2 weeks.

Anyway, here are photos I took yesterday evening.  It was raining so the light isn’t great but you get the idea.

Picture 006 Picture 016 Picture 017

Picture 018 Picture 019

Picture 010 Picture 013

New BMI = 37.96

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Weight is 242.4 and BMI is now under 38.  When the BMI goes under 35 I’ll move into “class I obesity.”  That will happen when I reach 223.4, which I estimate will take about a month.

Next milestone in 0.4 lbs when I will have lost 50 since joining spark people on March 9.  The next milestone after that is in 1.8 lbs from now when I will have lost 95 lbs.  The countdown to 100 gone is ON!

June 18, 2009

New BMI = 38.03

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Woo -hoo! I just hit the halfway mark (in terms of lbs to remove, not in terms of effort, of course).

Next up: in 0.2 lbs my BMI will drop below 38.

In 2.2 lbs I will have removed 95 lbs total.

Which means in 7.2 lbs from now I will have gotten rid of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. Of fat.  I hope to be there by Independence Day. (As in, Independence from More Weight than I can Currently Bench Press.)

And no untracked picnics, anymore. Spending a week recovering from Memorial Day was bad enough!

June 17, 2009

Rinsing Shirataki

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Well, I took the plunge and ordered some non-tofu shirataki noodles from online.

It’s not bad in terms of texture and flavor, although I’m still not sure how I feel about eating essentially pure glucomannan as a filler.  I mean, it’s pretty highly processed, but then so is the guar gum powder I put in my whey shakes (which themselves are pretty highly processed).  I guess in the end I’ll just watch the macronutrient ratios as I have been, and make sure I’m getting the right amounts of the right things.

The other necessary thing for this is that I’ve had to add an 8″ mesh strainer to my kitchen tools.  This thing makes rinsing even the tiny “pasta” shapes really easy, since I just dump the noodles into the strainer, submerge in a bowl, swish around, lift the strainer, change the water, and repeat.

June 15, 2009

Better Cholesterol Ratios

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When my BMI dropped below 40 which meant I was no longer morbidly obese, I made an appointment with my doctor to redo my bloodwork, just to find out if anything had changed.  It had.

Since February when I got my physical (and permission to lift weights), the following stats have changed:

  • glucose from 91 mg/dl to 86
  • Total cholesterol from 176 mg/dl to 154
  • HDL from 39 mg/dl to 38
  • chol/HDL ratio from 5 to 4, bringing me from a risk between 1-2x average down to a risk of 0.5-1x average
  • triglycerides from 111 mg/dl to 67

The last two are pretty cool.  The only problem so far is that the HDL dropped a little, and it’s already lower than it should be (50-60 mg/dl for a female).  They said the only way to raise it is with exercise (of which I’m already doing a lot more than I was before) and eating resveratrol.  Since heart problems run in my family, I think I will look for a supplement next time I am in a pharmacy.  The American Heart Association website says that maintaining a healthy body weight also helps raise HDL, so as I continue to lose weight, perhaps it will go up.

P.S.  On Saturday when I had to bag my bike ride due to thunderstorms I fell asleep with my HR monitor on.  When I woke from the nap it said “41.”  Eventually it went up to around 50 as I started moving around.  This is apparently extremely low, especially for a female in her 40s.  I suppose it’s due to all the endurance sports I used to do when younger and the fact that I’m starting to do them again.  In my 20s my HR was in the 30s when I first woke up.  If I can see it in the 30s again I’ll be well pleased.  Given how things are going, I won’t be surprised to get there, eventually.

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