August 31, 2009

New BMI = 32.2

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I’ve now officially removed 130 lbs.  Next milestone in 1.3 when the BMI will drop below 32.  When it drops below 30 I’ll be “overweight” and not “obese” for the first time since the early 1990s.

P.S.  I won the weigh-in at work, again.

Overall % lost by each of us over the past 16 weeks:

ME 22.52%

Bill 5.74%

Tiffany 1.98%

Larry 1.43%

Rose -1.66%

I am beginning to suspect that I could have won some serious ca$h if I had ever managed to get myself onto the Biggest Loser TV show,  if I could have psychologically handled being cooped up with a bunch of other intense people under the scrutiny of cameras (which is actually pretty doubtful).

My BMI on May 11 when we started this was 42.3.  At that point I’d already lost 65.6 lbs, but even at a BMI of 42.3 I was bigger than Helen (41.5) and almost as big as Tara (43.4), who were the two female finalists in Season 7 (Helen won).

By week 16 Helen had lost 37.35% and Tara had lost 39.80% while living under TV scrutiny, working out for hours every day, etc. etc.  Only three people in season 7 lost a larger % of weight at home than I have, and they had from 17-19 weeks to do it.  (The person who had 17 weeks lost 23.22% total.  By next week I’ll probably be about there.)

In our case, here are the winners for all 16 weeks and the percentage lost that week:

18 May Larry & Bill (tie) 4.38%

25 May Bill 2.1%

1 June Rose 2.72%

8 June ME 2.85%

15 June Larry 1.79%

22 June ME 2.31%

29 June ME 0.49%

6 July ME 2.79%

13 July ME 2.45%

20 July Bill 0.76%

27 July ME 1.13%

3 Aug ME 2.45%

10 Aug Tiffany 2.2%

17 Aug No-one (we all gained)

24 Aug ME 2.52%

31 Aug ME 3.42%


August 28, 2009

New BMI = 32.64

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Hit a new milestone this morning.  My weight is now under 210.  I’ve got 8.4 to go before I win my contest with my cousin Nick (whomever gets to 200 first) and he will owe me food.  At our family reunion in November.  Nick, if you’re reading this, I like SHRIMP.  Hehe.

Next milestone in 2.8 lbs when I’ll have removed 130 total.

August 26, 2009

New BMI = 32.98

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Woo-hoo!  I’m officially THROUGH that nasty 220 plateau.

A BUNCH of milestones hit today:

  • 80 gone since I started tracking my food at Spark People in March
  • Another net 5% removed (projected for 8/21 so I’m almost a week late – see comment about plateaus, above) 9 down, 6 to go!  This is the best estimate I have for marking where I am in the process in terms of actual effort and difficulty.
  • I’ve lost 125 lbs since I started
  • My BMI is under 33.  When it gets under 30 I’ll no longer be obese, just overweight!

Next milestone in 0.7 lbs when I get under 210.

I credit preparation and determination for this one.


I brought 4 protein bars with me yesterday to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and boy, did I ever USE them!  They prevented me from eating the sweet starchy things available in the morning with the coffee, from eating the chips, creamy dressing, and cookie in my box lunch, and ESPECIALLY from eating the pepperoni and cheese and ranch dressing with veggies in the afternoon.  (I had ONE square of cheese and I counted it.)


I only had water to drink, even though there was good wine available (I was afraid of the carbs in the wine, but especially of the disinhibition it might encourage toward eating the pepperoni and cheeses).  We were gone so long that I missed spinning class, so when I got home I did an elliptical session.

August 19, 2009

New BMI = 33.74

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Finally (FINALLY!) hit another milestone – [I’ve been fighting plateaus like nobody’s business lately]

I’ve lost 120 lbs as of this morning.

Next milestone in 3.4 lbs when I’ll have removed 80 lbs since starting Spark People on March 9.  And the next one after that in 3.9 lbs when I’ll have removed another 5% net.  That 5% net was projected to happen on August 21.  I don’t think I’ll get there in 2 days.  (see reference to plateaus, above)

August 5, 2009

New BMI = 33.99

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Two milestones today:

  1. 35% of my former self is gone
  2. My BMI is under 34.  When it gets under 30 I’ll be “overweight.”  YAY!

Next milestone in 1.4 lbs when I’ll have removed 120 lbs…

August 3, 2009

Call Trace (*57) to get legal record of phone harassment

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Well.  On the advice of the police on Friday, I called Verizon and asked what my options were for tracing the harassing calls I’ve received from my ex-contractor’s wife.

I’m blogging about the answer, because if I’d known about it, I could have used it on Friday to trace the most recent call.  So now I’m sharing.

Apparently in NY State, here’s the procedure:

  1. Receive the harassing call.  As long as either you or your answering machine picks it up, then this should work.
  2. Hang up and immediately dial *57 This will cause a record to be made of the call. Write down the date and time of the call.
  3. Contact your local law enforcement agency and report the harassment.  For getting the Trace sent to them you’ll need the following information:
    • Officer’s name
    • case complaint #
    • agency telephone #
    • agency fax #
  4. Call your phone company’s “unlawful call” center. For Verizon the number is 800-518-5507. They’re open from 8:30a-5p M-F. Have them fax a report to your law enforcement agency.

Apparently this should work 100% for land lines, and works about 50% of the time with cell phones.  I wish I’d known about it on Friday. 👿

More information, here.

For the record, since June 27 I have received 5 calls/hangups from this woman (3 on the cell and 2 on the land line).  She has actually spoken twice, once on the land line and once on the cell.  I suspect I was receiving them in April, as well, but at the time they were just mystery hangups.  My friend with the roof issues was also receiving them in June and July. I have filled her in on this procedure in case she starts getting them again.

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