June 15, 2008

That’s more like it!

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I bought my third tank of gas today. 338.5 miles, on 8.249 gallons = 41.03mpg

OK, maybe the Honda engineers HAVE been doing their job over the past 17 years, after all.

And that’s with the windows down most of the time, causing turbulence.

Take THAT, you gas-guzzling SUVs!

Heh, Heh.


Finally, a hairbrush the whole family can agree on

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Ever since I started doing water aerobics 4x per week, my hair has become progressively more brittle and snaggy, especially in the back where it has more contact with the chlorine.

I have taken just about all the precautions I can; I wet the hair thoroughly before going in the pool. I use a snagless elastic to pile it on top of my head to keep as much of it out of the water as possible. I use Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner as soon as I get out. And I’ve been using my trusty Body Shop wooden-bristled brush.

That is, until it finally came apart. The rubber that holds the bristles had gradually been coming out around the edges. The last couple of days I’ve been making do with a nasty, ouchy brush with knobby bristles that yank my hair and leave little broken hair pieces all over my sink. I don’t have a particularly sensitive scalp, and even I hate this thing. I’d got it while on a trip because I forgot a brush.

Anyway, while at Walmart this evening returning a thermos that had imploded and getting other things like cat litter, etc. I stopped by the hairbrush aisle and looked around. Yes, you read that right. There are so many different kinds of brushes they take up most of an aisle, all by themselves.

Anyway, I noticed one by Goody that was labeled “ouchless.” The bristles seemed pretty pliant, even if they did have little knobs on the end. So I bought it and took it home.

I have just tried it, and I never want to use another brush again. It does its job without yanking at all. At all. This, my friends, is amazing technology.

And here’s the proof: Miaumoto actually agrees.

For as long as I’ve had him (going on 17 years), Miaumoto has loved being patted, but CANNOT abide any kind of brushing or combing. He’s got what is called a “medium hair” coat (somewhere between short and long.) He also has really sensitive skin.

However, he LOVES this brush. He rubs up against it, arches his back up to it, leans on it, and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to stop. And it catches lots of fine undercoat fur.

Sunny likes being brushed backward with it, too.

I think I might have to get them one, too.

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