March 13, 2009

Current BMI = 45.26

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(Yesterday the BMI was 45.17, but I had waaaaay too much sodium last night, so this morning’s number reflects that.)

I’ve noticed that if I go out to eat for a meal, I tend to eat twice as much on average that day (about 900 calories more).  It’s just really hard to make good food choices when there are either tempting unhealthy choices available and/or very limited choices.

Seriously.  I met “Bob” at Tim Hortons yesterday morning before work to go over the books, and the only things I saw that I felt comfortable eating were a hot tea with nothing in it and an apple.  There wasn’t any yoghurt, hot cereal, or anything available that wasn’t full of empty white flour carb and fat calories.

There’s No Way I can eat within the range of calories they’ve set for me (1,810 – 2,160) and lose weight. My metabolism doesn’t work that fast. At the moment, if I don’t stay between 800 and 1000 calories per day I will maintain or gain. Even with the cardio and weights.

This was the case even back in my 20s when I went to an actual nutritionist to get advice about why I couldn’t lose weight despite being (at the time) extremely active*.  We tracked my food and to humor her I ate 1200 Kcal/day for a week.  I gained.  We started dropping the calories and at 800 I started losing.  She said she’d never encountered anyone with such a slow metabolism.

Given that the metabolism is supposed to slow down 5% at the age of 40, I imagine that when I finish removing this extra baggage, I can expect to be eating on average 600-750 calories/day.  And that’s WITH lots of exercise.  At least the food bills will be low.  😐

Still, I’m going to keep soldiering on, because the extra baggage has to come off, despite any difficulties.  And with almost 50 lbs removed since May 2007, my knee and the rest of me definitely feel a LOT better.  So it’s worth it.

*By “extremely active” I mean that I was swimming a Km 3x/week, playing softball 2x/week, riding horses 2x/week, doing martial arts 3x/week, and doing 20 mi bike rides and 4 mile runs on the weekends.  I was also working on my PhD research and raising Miaumoto.  I used to come home from bike rides, pick him up, and wipe my sweaty face on his sides like a towel.  He loved it.


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