January 10, 2010

New BMI = 24.43

TWO milestones this morning:

  1. I’ve officially lost 180 lbs
  2. I’ve lost another 5% net, so when I get home I get to choose another BUFF to add to my collection.  This was the last official 5% net interval left before goal, although realistically I will probably hit another one in the process of undershooting while stabilizing.

Next milestone in 1.6 lbs when my BMI drops below 24.  I’m in the home stretch.  Goal weight is 4.8 lbs away.  Physics Diet says I’m 8.81 lbs away from goal, and I’m going to consider myself truly “at goal” when my AVERAGE weight is 150.  Have I mentioned that I brought my bathroom scale with me in my suitcase to help me stay on track?  It seems to be working!

A couple of my friends have taken to hanging around me at this conference just to watch the reactions of our other mutual friends, which is fun for all of us.

I’ve developed a fun response when colleagues express awe at this. I say, “if you’re impressed with my weight loss, you should take a closer look at my work!” LOL

Unable to exercise Saturday because when I was finally done with everything and in my gear I found out that all the places around closed at 8pm.  GRR.  Had a little meltdown because I REALLY wanted to exercise, and missed the elliptical in my basement, something awful.  (Unfortunately that does not fit in my suitcase. )

So I adjusted my calories some.   I am LOVING having a calorie tracker on my iPod Touch.  Combined with my little pocket scale, I can eat out and STILL stay on track.

I still managed to go to lunch (very accommodating waitress at Gordon Biersch) and have 45 ml of port wine later, and stayed WITHIN MY CALORIES!

Lunch strategy:

Explained to the waitress up front that I have lost 180 lbs and needed help constructing a salad with just tuna and veggies and she ended up bringing shredded carrots, diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, diced asparagus, baby greens and sliced seared ahi tuna in separate bowls with balsamic vinegar on the side so I could weigh it all and stick it in my tracker. Final damage? 206 calories. And it was AMAZINGLY GOOD, and I was enjoying lunch with my friends.

After dinner party in the room strategy:

I’d budgeted calories for the 45 ml of port wine I brought, measured it, savored it, and for the rest of the night drank the herbal teas I’d brought with me, using the room’s little coffee maker to supply the hot water. I always had a treat to sip in my hand, could indulge in as many as I wanted, and had a great time laughing and sharing stories with my friends.


January 7, 2010

Countdown to goal weight… 6.8 lbs left to go!

Now that I’m at a “healthy” BMI, I have one more basic goal to reach before working on stabilization and reevaluating my needs.

Goal weight is 150 or 25% body fat, whichever comes first.  At the moment it looks like they’re going to happen pretty much simultaneously.

I’ll go by the average at for the “real” value, but at the moment I’m working toward getting the scale to say it, first.  I will have to go below 150 a bit in order to stabilize there.

Over the past week my % body fat has ranged between 29.9 and 27.4 – I have a DXA scan scheduled on Jan 14 and that should tell me where I really am, at that point, and how the BIA scale numbers compare.

I’ve been working with the calorie tracker on my iPod and I think I’ve got the diet cycles / energy targets pretty well worked out. Part of what has made the transition complicated is that this tracker, unlike the one on Spark People, automatically takes into account my reported exercise.  I gained weight through much of last week as a result of eating more.  So I’ve had to adjust it down a bit.  It turns out that even with my exercise schedule if I eat more than 1100 calories per day on average, I will gain weight.

The way I’m using the tracker is that when I gain weight I go on the very restrictive  “-10 lbs per month” daily calorie target I’ve set up until it comes off, again.  Once I get back to where I started I ease onto the “-9 lbs per month” target and see what happens.   As I get closer to goal I’ll ease onto less restricted calorie targets and by trial and error figure out what target range will work for me for maintenance.

Because my metabolism is so slow I bet my eventual maintenance calorie target will say I should be losing weight.  It doesn’t matter what the tracker software predicts, though,  just what the actual SCALE and BODY FAT ESTIMATES say.

P.S.  My next milestone will be in 1.2 lbs when I’ll have removed 180.

December 11, 2009

Countdown to a “healthy” BMI: 2.3 to go!

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Not another milestone…  YET.  Next one in 1.2 lbs when I’ll have removed 175 lbs total.

But as of this morning, 2.3 lbs left to remove until my BMI is under 25, in the “healthy” range.

I have a fun reward planned – an underwater MP3 player that conducts sound through my cheekbones.  (I’m going to have to put in a lot of pool time to train for those 1.2 miles I’ll be swimming in July…)

Now, if I can just manage to drop these pounds soon, I might even be able to get it for CHRISTMAS!!!

At the very least I’m hoping for a shiny new BMI for Christmas…  LOL

November 6, 2009

New BMI = 27.47

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I have now officially removed 160 lbs.

Next milestone in 3.1 lbs when the BMI will drop below 27.

When it drops below 25 I will no longer be “overweight.”  I can’t believe I’m here.  It hasn’t been a year even, since I was super morbidly obese, with a BMI over 52.

Miracles CAN happen – especially when we MAKE them happen…

November 1, 2009

New BMI = 28.13

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My weight has dropped below 180.

In 0.9 lbs my BMI will go below 28.  When it goes below 25, I’ll no longer be “overweight.”  Woo-hoo!

In 4 more lbs I’ll have removed 160 total.

As of this morning I have 29.6 lbs (less than 30) left to remove.

October 23, 2009

New BMI = 28.38

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Two milestones today:

  • I’ve removed 110 lbs since starting to log my food at Spark People on March 9
  • I’ve removed another 5% net (12 down, 3 or 4 to go…)

Next milestone in 0.6 lbs when I’ll have removed 155 from my starting weight.

Lots of fun things happening.  Neoprene & dry top arrived last night and they fit, so I can now try rolling in the cold cold lake water.  Rolling seminar in Ithaca on Sunday night.  Seeing friends.  Working out.  Other things in the works that I’ll mention once they’re settled…

October 13, 2009

New BMI = 28.94

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Two milestones this morning.

  • I’ve removed 150 lbs.  Now I’ve officially removed exactly as much as I want to weigh when I reach my goal weight.  I’ve removed a whole future ME!  lol
  • My BMI has dropped below 29.  When it gets below 25, I’ll be at the “normal” BMI (which I think ought to be renamed “healthy” BMI, ‘cuz at “overweight” right now, I look pretty average for someone from the US…)

Next milestone in 0.2 lbs when I’ll have removed 45% of my starting weight – getting close to having removed half of myself…

October 1, 2009

New BMI = 29.95

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Next milestone in 0.3 lbs when I’ll have lost another 5% net.  Next one after that in 0.6 lbs when I’ll have removed 145 lbs total.

“Normal” BMI when the number drops below 25.  I’m not sure I ever thought I ‘d even get HERE, let alone THERE, especially considering I started at super morbidly obese at a BMI over 52 in December…


September 24, 2009

New BMI = 30.04

One more milestone reached.

As of today I’ve removed 100.2 lbs since joining on March 9.  I’ve logged every single calorie I’ve consumed since then on there.  It has helped.

In 0.4 lbs my BMI will drop below 30 and I will officially become “overweight.”  It’s been a strange and at times very painful journey to get here from “super morbidly obese” back in December, and seems a little bit unreal.  I mean, now I can wear Land’s End size 14 stretch jeans.  In December I couldn’t yet fit into size 28 Junonia jeans…

But tonight I am looking forward to another 3 hours in the pool in Ithaca in a WW kayak, learning to ROLL!  Now that I can do things I couldn’t even contemplate 9 months ago, I have to say it’s worth it so far, despite the heavy emotional price.  Which still sometimes extracts a few tears.

And in 0.4 lbs I can be “overweight,” finally, no longer obese.  I think to celebrate that I’ll schedule some more blood work to see if there is any change since June.  (Yes, to ME, something like that is fun.  So there.  Deal.  With.  It.)

September 21, 2009

New BMI = 30.48

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Thanks to this contest with Nick, I have reached a new milestone.  I have now lost over 140 lbs, or 10 stone (if you’re from the UK).

Next milestone in 2.6 lbs when I’ll have lost 100 lbs since joining SparkPeople on March 9.

The next milestone after that is very exciting, because it’ll be BMI < 30, which means I’ll be OVERWEIGHT, no longer obese!  That’s 3.2 lbs from now.

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