March 8, 2009

Camera phone pictures from HHI

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I left the small camera at home so “Bob” could document the construction for the window permit, etc.

This meant I had to rely on my cell phone’s camera for pictures.  And then eat a minute for each photo I had to email back to myself so I could post it here.

This also meant I had to UPS the chargers and spare batteries back to NY – I forgot to leave them home (they live in my backpack where the camera typically lives), because I got a call on Saturday complaining that the camera battery was dead, and how should “Bob” take more pictures? *sigh*

The ocean was very pretty on Thursday:


So was the beach.  I found a bunch of little dying sand dollars up at the high tide line, several different kinds of shells, and a shark tooth.


A local “stray” who hangs around the timeshare condos adopted us for the week.  Apparently other visitors have dubbed him “the ginger cat” and he gets his own postcards.  Rose noted that “Ginger” is a girl name (and my brother-in-law was having trouble remembering that the cat was a neutered male), so she named him “Fred.”  Which happens to be our *other* brother-in-law’s name.  But whatever.

Here’s “Fred,” sitting on the couch next to Gene.


He became so familiar that he would actually come to the front door and ask to be let in, or wait outside the glass back door.

He has beautiful markings.  And is clearly very well-fed.  Apparently the town pays for neutering of strays, and then a volunteer comes and brings food and water every couple of days for him and the other 3-4 resident cats.  This one seems to manage very well, supplementing the dole, by befriending timeshare visitors.

We just thought it was very convenient that the timeshare condo came with a timeshare cat, since we were missing our cats at home.

We also saw a bunch of alligators and turtles sunning themselves on the grassy edges of the golf courses next to lagoons, and an amazing ibis rookery surrounding a lagoon where there had to be 200-300 birds massed on about 4 trees.  Unfortunately there are limits to photos that the cell phone can take, so we’ll have to wait for Rose’s copies of them.


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