December 6, 2009

New BMI = 25.62

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I have removed another 5% net.

In 16 days.  😯  The fastest I’ve ever done it was in 14 days on September 9.

Buffs take so long to arrive that I just ordered about 4 of them 3 weeks ago and am picking one out of the pile every time I reach another 5% net.  I think today I’ll take the Taipei one out.  I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t as bright as the picture (the colors are a lot more muted and faded-looking), but it’ll go with all of my exercise gear, which is cool.

About these 5% net intervals.  I’ve got one more at 152 before I reach my official goal weight of 150.  There’s another one just below that at 147.7; since I’m going to use to tell me when I’m officially at 150, that means I’ll actually have to drop BELOW that before stabilizing.

So most likely I have two more to go.  I’ve done 14 since last December.  My projection says the next one will come on New Year’s Day.  It also says that by then I’ll have been at a “normal” (i.e. healthy) BMI for a couple of days.  What a great Christmas present THAT would be, huh?!

Next milestone in 3 lbs when I’ll have removed 175 lbs.


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  1. Never heard of a Buff before. Except a Buff Orpington. Of which we got two last night, along with a couple Speckled Sussex and a Red. From Jay’s sister and B-i-Law. Loved the video of the Aussie showing all the ways to wear one.
    Wonder if one would do well under a prosthesis for my Dad?

    Comment by jpm14 — December 7, 2009 @ 10:01 pm | Reply

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