October 26, 2009

Rolling on TWO sides, now!

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This weekend was great for kayaking “woo-hoo” moments. day

On Saturday I joined the IKC at the Cayuga Lake inlet for a rally supporting the 350ppm CO2 movement.  While there I managed to attempt (and nail) a right-handed roll in my Kestrel.  (In the picture I’m the one in the orange boat facing away from the camera.)

This is significant because the Kestrel is considerably wider than the whitewater play boats I’ve been learning to roll in, and much more stable.  This in theory makes it harder to roll.  It is also significant because the Kestrel is MY boat, and I use it on the lakes, and now that I have a dry top and neoprene for my hands and head, this means I can extend my season considerably because if I get knocked over I’ll be able to come back up without getting out of the boat (and getting cold).

On Sunday I attended the first of two COE rolling sessions in the pool.  We spent a couple of hours doing drills and practicing elements of a roll without actually rolling.  By the time we got around to rolling, I had a pretty solid off-side (left-handed) roll going, right out of the box.  You can see both rolls, here.

In the pool I chose to use the biggest boat they had, the same Dagger RPM Max that I’d used on the Middle Moose back in September.  It’s enormously wide and notoriously hard to roll, and the foot pegs were still adjusted for my legs from when I’d used it last month in the river.  I figured if I could roll in that, then I could probably roll in anything, including my Kestrel.

And in fact, the Dagger feels a lot like my Kestrel – they both take a lot of effort to flip upside down – sometimes I found myself sculling with my hands to actually get the Dagger over –  and both take a few fractions of seconds to settle.  All the Jackson WW boats I’ve been in (Fun2, Fun4, SuperFun, AllStar) roll over like little logs – probably reflecting the fact that they’re designed to be play boats, not displacement-based river runners.

P.S. My current favorite tea is Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry. I THINK it’s the flavor, but now, looking at the box, I wonder if the fact that the berries are going down some nice-looking rapids has anything to do with it? LOL



  1. When did you come get your boat? I missed you getting it!
    It was there Sunday morning, and then (much later) it was not.

    Comment by jpm14 — October 27, 2009 @ 7:15 am | Reply

    • I came around 4:15pm between my shopping errands and the Episcopal service at Cornell (that start at 5pm). I don’t think anyone was home, including Hawthorne.

      Well, probably the rabbit was home, but I rudely did not remember to say “hello” to him. 😉 No sign of the Feline anywhere…

      Comment by origamifreak — October 27, 2009 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

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