October 4, 2009

WW Yakking on the Middle Moose (Class III)

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Water level pretty low on Saturday (3.5 ft).  Did it in a big ole Dagger that I hated ‘cuz it was a biyatch to maneuver.  But it was very buoyant and stable and I never flipped or swam.  Out of the 6 of us students, 1 other made it through without getting wet.  1 made it with a single combat roll.  Two swam multiple times, and one swam so many times and got beat up so bad he walked the rest of the way out.

He opted not to paddle on Sunday – one of his fingers was so bruised and swollen I suspect it may be broken.  He also cut his lip on his boat, which bled alarmingly spectacularly.  He was the oldest student (and person) on the trip (56).  I was the second-oldest (43).

We saw a Fisher during one of the calm sections of river.  It came down the bank to get a better look at us.  That was very cool.  It was much more curious than afraid – so much so I wondered at first if it were rabid.  But the instructor from NH said he thought it just wasn’t used to seeing people.  He speculated that it was sizing him up to decide whether or not to eat him.  🙂

Higher on Sunday (4 ft).  Tried it in a 4Fun – the boat vacated by the guy who got beat up on Saturday.  Yikes.  Much more challenging.  But also much more maneuverable. Most everyone else was coming out of their boats too, and it was so bad by the time we passed House Rock, that the instructors said we were done for the day and we carried the boats up to the road.  (One student lost a paddle that we never recovered, and only one didn’t swim at all).  I swam half of House Rock after getting stuck in a nasty narrow hole that flipped me as I was exiting it.  I was the first one to go down, and I think seeing me bouncing around like a rag doll between big rocks freaked out the instructors because after that they positioned themselves with ropes to catch the rest of us as we washed down outside our boats.  😛

And then the two creek-boating instructors did the dam at Fowlersville, which is just plain sick (IV+).

The playboating instructor decided to give it a pass, and I don’t blame him.

Overall fun and I am DEFINITELY interested in doing more stuff like that!  What a rush.  My HR monitor registered over 190 bpm at times, both days.  Apparently I burned over 800 calories in 3 hours on Saturday.  That’s what I call an efficient cardio workout.

At the private debriefings tonight the instructors told me my enthusiasm is great, but maybe I should dial it back a little, since I don’t seem to have enough fear instinct to keep me from wanting to do things that are above my level.  (Are we surprised?  Um, no.  But point taken!)


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