September 24, 2009

New BMI = 30.04

One more milestone reached.

As of today I’ve removed 100.2 lbs since joining on March 9.  I’ve logged every single calorie I’ve consumed since then on there.  It has helped.

In 0.4 lbs my BMI will drop below 30 and I will officially become “overweight.”  It’s been a strange and at times very painful journey to get here from “super morbidly obese” back in December, and seems a little bit unreal.  I mean, now I can wear Land’s End size 14 stretch jeans.  In December I couldn’t yet fit into size 28 Junonia jeans…

But tonight I am looking forward to another 3 hours in the pool in Ithaca in a WW kayak, learning to ROLL!  Now that I can do things I couldn’t even contemplate 9 months ago, I have to say it’s worth it so far, despite the heavy emotional price.  Which still sometimes extracts a few tears.

And in 0.4 lbs I can be “overweight,” finally, no longer obese.  I think to celebrate that I’ll schedule some more blood work to see if there is any change since June.  (Yes, to ME, something like that is fun.  So there.  Deal.  With.  It.)


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