September 4, 2009

New BMI=31.86

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Greetings from the UK.  Where Lisa‘s scale weighs me in STONES. Which means I don’t really know my weight until I’ve done the math, hehe.  (Fortunately there are 14 lbs in one stone, so the math isn’t that hard.)

Today (my first morning here) I reached a new milestone.  The BMI is under 32.  When it gets under 30 I’ll be officially out of obesity and just overweight!

Yesterday on her way to an appointment in London Lisa took me by the local bicyle hire place where I got the ONLY Dawes Giro available.  It’s a sweet ride.  Took it out for a spin in the evening with Steve (Lisa was still in London until 9pm).  Lovely 8 mile route, a bit windy in the country stretch, but very scenic.  In the ensuing 40 min I got mostly used to the index shifting and burned 318 calories (max HR 151 BPM, which is respectable).  See here for the route we took.

Today Lisa and I are going to spend the day kayaking on the Great River Ouse.  To get there we will ride our bikes to the train station, take the train for2 stops, then ride the bikes to the yak rental place.  No cars were injured in the making of this vacation, hehe.


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  1. fun, fun, fun!

    Comment by jpm14 — September 4, 2009 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

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