August 26, 2009

New BMI = 32.98

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Woo-hoo!  I’m officially THROUGH that nasty 220 plateau.

A BUNCH of milestones hit today:

  • 80 gone since I started tracking my food at Spark People in March
  • Another net 5% removed (projected for 8/21 so I’m almost a week late – see comment about plateaus, above) 9 down, 6 to go!  This is the best estimate I have for marking where I am in the process in terms of actual effort and difficulty.
  • I’ve lost 125 lbs since I started
  • My BMI is under 33.  When it gets under 30 I’ll no longer be obese, just overweight!

Next milestone in 0.7 lbs when I get under 210.

I credit preparation and determination for this one.


I brought 4 protein bars with me yesterday to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and boy, did I ever USE them!  They prevented me from eating the sweet starchy things available in the morning with the coffee, from eating the chips, creamy dressing, and cookie in my box lunch, and ESPECIALLY from eating the pepperoni and cheese and ranch dressing with veggies in the afternoon.  (I had ONE square of cheese and I counted it.)


I only had water to drink, even though there was good wine available (I was afraid of the carbs in the wine, but especially of the disinhibition it might encourage toward eating the pepperoni and cheeses).  We were gone so long that I missed spinning class, so when I got home I did an elliptical session.

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