June 1, 2009

new gear

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Well, before/during/after my 10 mile ride yesterday I discovered some things:

  1. The handlebars need to be re-wrapped
  2. The Vetta helmet has pads missing and the foam is probably defunct
  3. The valve on my rear tube is broken off
  4. My bike computer no longer works
  5. I can’t find my glasses
  6. The floor pump has been compromised by contractor children

So I went to the local bike store at lunch today and remedied this:

  1. New cloth handlebar tape
  2. A Louis Garneau Diva 444
  3. A new tube (I’ll order more spares from Nashbar)
  4. A new bike computer – wireless!
  5. New glasses
  6. New floor pump (I gave the compromised one to Ron so I don’t have to look at it and be annoyed.)

My gloves, shoes, and other things are fine.  I wish I could find my water bottles.  They’re in the garage somewhere under all the contractor crap.  So are my panniers.  I’ll just buy some small bottles from a store.


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