May 20, 2009

New BMI = 40.63

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A BUNCH of milestones today:

  • I’ve now lost over 75 lbs
  • The 10’s place shows a new number on the scale
  • I’ve lost another 5% net in record time (30 days)

Next milestone in 3.8 lbs when I’ll have lost 80.

And THEN…  in 4.1 lbs, I will drop OUT of Morbidly Obese into just plain Class II Obesity.  When I hit that point I think I’ll celebrate by scheduling an appointment with my physician for another physical to see his jaw drop.

Go me!  🙂



  1. Congratulations!!!
    You are an inspiration to me. I went out to celebrate Bday at lunch. I already warned G that I wouldn’t be eating a large dinner. He will be getting the leftover chicken from last night. Finally have him eating salads which helps.


    Comment by havasurose — May 21, 2009 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, salads are good. I am a big fan of salads.

    Today I was sooooooo good – they had a pizza party at lunchtime at work and I made my tofu-peanut-carrot-lettuce salad and ate it while everyone else had pizza around me. And I didn’t feel deprived at all, because the pizza looked a bit floppy – if I have a thin crust, I want it CRISP, thank you. And besides, everyone else eating pizza makes it more likely that I’ll win Monday’s weigh-in. 😉

    Glad you find my efforts helpful for your own goals. 🙂

    Comment by origamifreak — May 21, 2009 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

  3. Yay … YOU!!!!!!

    Comment by Cooking Fool — May 23, 2009 @ 5:10 pm | Reply

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