April 24, 2009


Well, now my fitness room has ANOTHER apparatus.  WB and I now possess a Marcy Platinum MP 12.0 Olympic weight bench, cage, and 290 lbs of weight (the original owner is going to look for the missing 10lb plate when he gets home from work – it also could be somewhere in WB’s truck).  I fronted the cash, and WB will pay me back when his tax refund comes.


Amazingly, it isn’t even crowded in the basement.  Yet.


Tonight when I got home we tried out the new toy. Yoiks. I am way weak. I couldn’t even press 100 lbs. In fact, I think I did, like 95.   So I lost our bet.  😐  All I have to say is that pumping iron is Very Different from bending plastic.

He says I just need to learn the technique.

Meanwhile, he managed to press about 250 or so.   The bar itself was actually bending under the weight.  😯

It’s a pretty nice setup, with places to store the weights, cables in three positions so we can do pulldowns, etc. and a comfy bench. The bench itself goes flat, so I think I might be able to go back to doing leg curls for my knee, again. The bar is Olympic sized and the plates can spin independently.

Most of the attachments I got for the Bowflex will work nicely with this one, such as the T-bar, chains, the tricep rope, and the foot straps, etc.  Also, having two machines will make circuit training go faster because we can hop back and forth between them while our partner prepares and logs the weights.

I guess we won’t be outgrowing this thing anytime soon. He says “not ever,” but I’m skeptical, since maybe some day we’ll want a real cage.  And we still need the dumbbell bars and some more plates.  I’m following up on an ad for used 75lb Olympic weights…

I’m still so tired and sore from the spinning yesterday that I don’t feel up to doing my usual 30 minutes on the elliptical, either.  Today I stopped by the bike shop and bought a gel seat cover.  I’m grateful there isn’t another spinning class until Tuesday.  And that my car seat is so well padded.  And that my desk chair is padded (although that was starting to get uncomfortable by 3pm or so).   Maybe it would be a good idea to just go once a week until my butt can handle it…  Once it can, though, I suppose I could start riding my own bike indoors again.  Or even outdoors, come to think of it!  (Doh.  I really AM tired, aren’t I?)

In fact, I feel a nasty headache coming on.  So I think I’ll just be satisfied with my bench and military presses, drink my creatine, and call it a night.


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