March 11, 2009

Current BMI = 45.42

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Holy cow, progress!

Now I’m at the exact same minimum I reached once before recently, on Oct 22, 2007. Back then I’d just been diagnosed with arthritis, had gone to PT 5 whole times, and just started doing water walking on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Beyond this will be New Territory since the Project started on May 24, 2007.

Things have changed a lot since then.

Oct 2007 is when I originally set up a fitness center in my basement (I used it 3 times and then started hanging clothes on the Nordic Track). Now there’s an elliptical machine and a pimped-out Bowflex (410 lbs of resistance and all the fun extras: tricep rope, lat bar, curl bar, T-bar, foot straps, etc.) in addition to the existing NT and bicycle. I just ordered an acrylic mirror panel from Lowes to help with spotting my technique on the weight machine.

My knee hasn’t hurt since the Long Walk on the Beach last week (and recovered quickly). I haven’t been to PT for 3 months. Yesterday I was just thinking that the Tuesday/Thursday water walking is becoming too easy to really push me aerobically, and wondering if I’d be better off just using the elliptical.

I am starting to feel a whole lot better physically. More alert, stronger, more balanced, and my pants are starting to slide off. With my most recent foray back into Healthy Eating, I don’t think I’ve had it this much together since my mid-20s.


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