November 2, 2008

Urgh, Clean as a whistle…

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On Halloween Noel came over and helped me hand out candy while we played games in the garage. Concerned about having enough light, I’d bought a 150-watt fluorescent bulb which attracted every midge in a 5-mile radius. There was a constant rain of dead and dying midges on the table. I’m not sure why, because the bulb itself was actually only 43 watts, and therefore barely warm enough to cook a midge. Maybe the light was so bright it was overloading their little nervous systems.  Other than the midges, it seemed to work out well, because between groups of kiddies we could play, and when they did show up, it was easy enough to drop handfuls of candies into their bags.

One of the little germbags that collected candy may have brought a stomach virus with him or her, because yesterday afternoon my insides turned themselves inside-out, leaving me sore, empty, and exhausted. I’m not even sure how many loads of pajamas I have washed since last night, but it’s at least one, maybe more.

This morning I ventured out to the store where I replenished the TP supply (I was down to 1.5 rolls in the entire house), soup, Gatorade, and (oh joy) children’s Tylenol. Although just about everything ran right through me 20 minutes after ingestion, the Tylenol must have worked, because some of the soreness abated.

I had tomato soup for lunch with oyster crackers and that seems to have stayed in, but I’m not taking any chances, so I think that’ll be all I’ll have for today, thanks.

I’m just so very glad that nothing like this happened while I was travelling!


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  1. Midge#1: Don’t look at the light! Don’t look at the light!

    Midge#2-#2000: I can’t help it, it’s sooooooo beautiful (ZAP!) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Comment by Kathie — November 2, 2008 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

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