July 5, 2008

The Ubiquitous Google Image Meme

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Got this from darksideofthefridge.

Type the answer into Google Images and pick 1 image from the first page. For some of these I had to turn on Google’s SafeSearch to get anything I wanted to pick. Pervs.

1. Your age on your next birthday.

2. A place you’d like to travel.

3. Your favorite place.

4. Your favorite object.

5. Your favorite food.

6. Your favorite animal.

7. Your favorite color.

8. The town where you were born.

9. The town where you live.

10. Name of a past pet.

11. Name of a past love.

12. Best friend’s nickname.

13. Your screen name.

14. Your first name.

15. Your middle name.

16. Your last name.

17. Bad habit of yours.

18. Your first job.

19. Name of grandmother.

20. College/grad major(s.)



  1. Same age AND same middle name. . . huh. Though it’s a pretty common middle name among people of, uh, our age. 😉

    Comment by ToyLady — July 5, 2008 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

  2. Yeah. Strangely, that middle name didn’t even break into the top 100 of first names that year. It was in the top 10 in 1909-1911, and its popularity has dropped ever since.

    My first name was in the top 10 the year we were born, yet I didn’t know anyone else with my name. I still rarely meet anyone with it. There were lots and lots of people named Kathy in my classes. Yet in our age group it isn’t even in the top 50.


    Comment by origamifreak — July 6, 2008 @ 10:08 am | Reply

  3. My 5th grade class had 4 girls named “Kris” or “Chris” – Kristine, Kristina, Christine, and Christina, yet none made the top 10 for that year – yet there couldn’t have been more than 20 kids in the entire class.

    And they probably all had the same middle name, too. 😉

    Comment by ToyLady — July 8, 2008 @ 12:03 pm | Reply

  4. Good point. I wonder if you add up all the variations on Katherine, if you approach the proportions in which it seemed to show up?

    Same thing with all the variations on Christine, etc.


    0.65% Kathleen
    0.42% Kathy
    0.40% Catherine
    0.26% Katherine
    0.23% Kathryn
    0.23% Cathy
    0.05% Cathleen
    0.02% Katharine
    0.01% Kathi
    0.01% Kathie
    0.01% Kathrine
    0.01% Cathryn
    0.01% Cathrine
    0.01% Katheryn

    2.30% total

    0.83% Christine
    0.27% Christina
    0.17% Kristine
    0.15% Kristin
    0.09% Kristen
    0.09% Kristi
    0.08% Kristina
    0.06% Christy
    0.06% Chris
    0.05% Kris
    0.04% Kristy
    0.04% Krista
    0.03% Christie
    0.02% Kristie
    0.02% Christi
    0.02% Cristina
    0.01% Christa
    0.01% Cristine

    2.06% total

    Well. Considering the top name that year was Lisa at 3.3% and the second highest name was Mary at 1.8%, I’d say that we had a pretty high chance of encountering various flavors of Kathy and Chris.

    Not in the frequencies we encountered them, however. Those must have been local clusters…

    To do a real comparison we’d have to do this with all the other names that are variations of each other, like Betsy=Elizabeth=Liz=Bess, and Margaret=Peggy=Maggie, etc. Which could get complicated with compound names, such as Roseanne, etc. So I’m not going to.

    So there. 🙂

    Comment by origamifreak — July 8, 2008 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

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