June 9, 2008

Mileage report

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Well, I’ve finally got a mileage estimate on the Fit, since I’ve now put gas in it twice.

It went 316.8 miles on 8.76 gallons of fuel. That works out to 36.16 mpg. I’m a bit disappointed, since my Civic got 37.5 mpg, and hoping this is due to the fact that most of the driving the past 5 days has been with the air conditioner on.

I guess I could learn to enjoy sweating while driving, so that I can bump that mpg up where I want it. I’ll be tracking it at the EPA website, so I can compare with what other people say they’re getting:

There are data on 31 manual 2008 Fits, both base and sport. These owners claim anywhere from 27.6 to 42.1 mpg; the average is 34.6 mpg. 10 people are averaging more than I got (I’m in the 67th percentile). The person claiming >42 mpg is in TX and says they have 40%/60% city/highway miles.

To be fair to the new car, I should also mention this little tidbit from the EPA site: “New vehicles will not obtain their optimal fuel economy until the engine has broken in. This may take 3-5 thousand miles.” There are barely 600 miles on it, so far.

Also, I’m wondering how I’ve managed to drive an average of 63.36 miles per day, over the last 5 days? That seems kind-of high, somehow.


  • 6/4 drove to Geneva for work, plus a detour to water aerobics on the way home (49.7)
  • 6/5 drove to Geneva for work, plus a detour to water aerobics on the way home (49.7)
  • 6/6 drove up to Geneva for work, then home (28.6), then to Ithaca (36.2), then around downtown Ithaca (?), then up to Cornell (?), then back to downtown (?)
  • 6/7 drove around downtown Ithaca (?), up to Cornell (?), back down to downtown (?), then up to the mall (?), then back downtown (?), and then home to Romulus (36.2)
  • 6/8 no driving
  • 6/9 a trip to Farmington to the doctors office this morning before work (37.4), then to work (24.8 ) plus a detour to water aerobics after work (34.1)

296.7 mi is accounted for, which means I drove about 20 mi around Ithaca. I guess that’s about right. It just sounds like so much, when you add it all up!

I suppose I could investigate doing water aerobics in Geneva, so that my daily round trip will be closer to 30 mi, than 50! Yeesh.


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  1. I found the new car break-in to be true of the one new car I ever owned. It did much better on mpg after a couple thousand miles.

    Also, I worked with a man who suggested (and I listened) I warm the car up slowly and drive at moderate speeds for those first couple thousand miles.

    Of course, your car will be warm all the time now a days. Wow, you do drive quite a bit!

    Comment by jpm14 — June 10, 2008 @ 9:36 am | Reply

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