May 29, 2008

A full weekend

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Wow, last weekend was really full, especially considering I didn’t actually go anywhere.

Saturday I bought a new car.

Sunday a bunch of friends came over and we had a BBQ down by the lake. I was too busy chatting and eating to document the event. Also, there isn’t running water down there, and so very quickly the activities of grilling and cooking and eating makes the fingers so sticky as to dissuade one from handling electronics/optics.

We had 10 adults, 3 kids, 2 Newfoundlands, and 1 Italian Greyhound. We were able to establish that the Italian Greyhound responds best when spoken to IN Italian, (especially if the speaker is plying the subject with bits of food).

Monday we fed crocodiles.

Last night I flew to DC for work (greetings from the Greenbelt Marriott), and will come home on Friday.

I will be glad to stay home, weed the garden, and fold laundry this coming Saturday, I think! I’ve got plenty of new This American Life podcasts to listen to, while doing it.

(One of the Sunday kids has a violin recital I want to go to this coming Sunday, so I plan to actually leave the house for that.)


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