May 24, 2008

16 years, 10 months, and 14 days

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I’m heartbroken about my Honda Civic DX hatchback. He’s almost 17 years old and still averages 37 mpg per year (including winter). He only has 162K miles on him.

His “real” name is Horace Les Carage, from the days when he belonged to BMG (he liked jazz, if I recall correctly – the cats had memberships, too). If you say his name fast without a French pronounciation, you’ll hear what it means.

Until Tuesday I never had a single mechanical problem. Not once, in 17 years. He’s comfortable, economical, fun to drive, has lots of cargo space, and up ’til now, reliable. The only things I would change are:

  • four doors because my friends and I don’t fold as well as we used to
  • more safety features (he’s pre-airbag)
  • cruise control because my arthritic knee doesn’t like staying in one position for over two hours
  • cup holders
  • a direct connection to my MP3 player (the cassette converter sometimes warms up and doesn’t work as well on long drives)

But on Tuesday morning the ignition coil failed while I was on the road, causing me to have to pull over, wait for a tow, miss a seminar, and crash at a friend’s house unexpectedly overnight because the repair place couldn’t get the part until Wednesday morning.

It’s obviously Time To Say Goodbye, now that we’re getting into unreliability due to age. He’s so old, he would be driving himself, if he were human. I’ve been in him longer than any home, except the one I grew up in, and only one year longer there. It’s going to be weird driving around in someone else.

Fortunately Honda has introduced the Fit, to replace the hole created as the Civic over the years has grown into an Accord. So I can pretty much get a new one of what I’m happy with, with the added features, above. I’m relieved that all the controls are still in the right places, and the mileage should be about the same.

The swap is happening today.


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